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Keeping it Reel
on Tiktok.

We help boost your online presence with engaging social media content, vertical videos, and AI technology. Our team of experts has years of experience creating top-notch media services that align perfectly with your brand. Stay ahead of the game with our trend-savvy services and connect with your audience today!

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"Blake and his team were able to help me increase my output, followers and lead generation. Batch recording with them was a breeze and saved us so much time and money."


Brand Consistency

Your ideas are great – but are you having trouble translating them to a team? At The Media House, we’re a creative agency. We like to have fun with ideas without compromising the core message. When we land on a visual language, we create content that is fun, consistent and tailor made for your brand.


Outside The
Lines Thinking

We get it, Canva exists. It’s cost-effective and – well – limited. The Media House creative minds exist outside of templates and the pre-made. Quite simply, we don’t use templates. We gather around a whiteboard (or down the pub) and come up with creative, interesting and scroll-stopping content for you – and only you.


Crisp Visuals

Your product has been in development for a long time. You’re proud of it and want to showcase it off the best you can. The media House hears you and ants to help you translate that vision. Product photography is more than just taking a photo – it’s telling a story. It also helps that we can make video at the same time, right?