Deliverables: Drone, Videography


Hotensify are one of those clients who are interested in doing fun things – maximizing their time with a video crew. The company wanted to announce a growing fleet and a continued dedication to being willing to work anywhere, with no limits. After a meeting where the team were enthralled in ‘one upping’ the previous idea, it was settled – Tony would end the advert in a boat, sailing off the coast of Freshwater.


  • Deadline was short.
  • Weather is an unpredictable factor.


  • Tony and his team felt heard and matched in ambition.
  • Drone photography was added for extra immersion.


Hotensify is a fun company with a strong ethos. This was not our first time working with them and their creative zest was paired well with a Media House team willing to add humor and help refine the vision to also ensure the delivery of the message.