GKN Conference


Deliverables: Large Screens, Logitech Camera, Mic Array, Digital Control Panel


GKN tasked The Media House with equipping their conference at Lakeside, Isle of Wight. They wanted to have the capacity to have a large screen for presentations, with a matching screen to dial-in guests via Microsoft Teams. Their setup specified some elite-grade gear which we were able to provide. The Logitech Rally is an exceptional piece of kit. With it, we were able to provide extra mics, incredible camera quality and a very user-friendly and professional grade look.


  • The room did not have an internet connection.


  • Clean and Professional look.
  • Logitech Rally adds crisp audio and video.
  • GKN were happy with the process.


The Media House delivered state of the art technology in the Logitech Rally and 2 large, clear screens to met the clients needs. We overcame our internet issue by re-routing a nearby ethernet port, removing the cable head to slide it through a disused space and then re-attach the head to bring 100/100 broadband to the room.