White Collar Boxing London


Deliverables: Live Broadcast, Stage Building


White Collar Boxing London host and broadcast live events from The Troxy Theatre in London. The event features 2 boxing rings in simultaneous use. The contenders are made up of amateurs, taking part to raise money for charity. The Media House is regularly tasked with setting up and broadcasting the 2 rings. This requires up to 8 cameras, 2 broadcast desks and almost a 1/4 mile of cables.


  • With 4 fighters to track between 2 rings, our camera operators have to communicate with directors to ensure all angles are covered.
  • The venue’s inbuilt internet connection is dated.


  • An average of 99.8% of all frames broadcast.
  • Crisp, hi-res video and audio.
  • Client has rebooked for their 2024 season.


The Media House was able to broadcast, record and manage the live event – circumventing all technical issues with experienced heads. White Collar Boxing London have expanded our responsibility within their company – approaching us to create social media content and highlight reel videos.

Highlight Reel