Rebecca Taylor Buchanan


Deliverables: Presentation, Live Broadcast


Our client was due to deliver a workshop/presentation via a live broadcast and asked The Media House to help re-create their slideshow, adding animations, images and a more glossy feel. The broadcast would then take place in our studio under perfect lighting conditions, with audio and video quality significantly improved over standard laptop uses.


  • Our unfamiliarity with the profession. Blake volunteered to have his back cracked.
  • A headshot to be used for the cover was incomplete – we used generative AI to make a seamless continuation of the image. See video below.


  • Client over the moon.
  • No frames dropped during broadcast.
  • Crisp, hi-res image and audio.


The Media House was able to provide Rebecca with a broadcast over Zoom which felt more like a TV studio. Her clients and viewers were immediately aware that this was not just the living room of a home – it was taken seriously and delivered at a high quality. The embedded QR codes meant we could track viewership and CTR. All of which measured above expectations.

Testimonial: Rebecca Taylor Buchanan

Rebecca very kindly offered to do us a testimonial of the work we have done for her last month, going through her experience of the task at hand and how we made it a very easy process for her.

Using AI &

Generative Fill

Alex used Generative AI to fix an issue with a headshot being unsuitable for using as a title image. Check out how he did it.