APEX Competitions


Deliverables: Vide, Broadcast, Audio, Graphics, VFX


APEX is a tremendous client with whom we have built a universal bond. Acting as their creative department, The Media House facilitates their competitions with all manner of content. Growing APEX alongside The Media House, our relationship is all about creating a lasting and important legacy for the community. This ongoing, collaborative relationship has allowed us to help their reach grow, their broadcasts be more interactive and uniformed with graphics, fonts and brand guidelines.


  • There are only so many hours in the day.


  • Documenting prize handovers.
  • Uniformed brand across the internet.
  • Daily content delivery.
  • Daily content creation.


APEX Competitions have partnered exclusively with The Media House. Our unmatched knowledge of the vehicle industry and willingness to meet their outlandish ideas with passion and excitement has allowed us to create fun, engaging and genuine content – highlighting the hosts chemistry and engaging with their community.