March 9, 2023

Why You Should Use Our Green Screen

With the rise of video content production in recent years, the use of green screens has become a popular tool for creating high-quality and dynamic videos. A green screen is a backdrop that is a solid green colour, that video editors can replace during post-production with a background of your choice. The advantage is that you can create any scene you like, without ever having to catch a ferry.

Now you can get some green screen equipment off Amazon and other places, but to get a professional look, you need the right equipment. We have created a dedicated green screen studio that covers all four walls. We also have all the required lighting equipment, such as softbox lights, to ensure that the green screen is evenly lit – incredibly important because if it is not lit correctly, it will just look like a bad Zoom background.

But wait there is more, you also need to choose the right camera and settings to achieve a clean, high-quality recording, ideally filming in a log profile or even RAW which will prevent any overspill. If you come to our green screen studio setup in Cowes – you won’t have to worry about that because we have broadcast quality cameras already setup and ready to go.

Once everything is set up and your camera is ready, you can begin recording. Make sure the people in front of the camera are properly lit and positioned in front of the green screen. Avoid wearing clothing or accessories that are the same color as the green screen, as this can cause issues during editing. Record your video, making sure to capture multiple takes to give you more flexibility in post-production. Once again, if you don’t have the skills for that part, our qualified technical team are on hand ready to go.

Finally we get to the fun part where we do the edit to make it look like you are in a funky office, outside in the countryside or anywhere that is relevant to what is talked about in the video. You can also check the live preview whilst recording so you will have a rough idea before it goes live.

So if you need help recording with your green screen, give The Media House a call and come and check out our green screen studio setup on The Isle of Wight.

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